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The Buckeye was created in Ohio by crossing Cochins, Plymouth Rocks, and Malay chicken breeds. They are a Dual-Purpose breed that features rich, brilliant red plumage, yellow legs, and a pea comb. They are good egg layers and grow rapidly making them a true dual-purpose farm chicken. Buckeyes are very hardy that resist frostbite very well thanks to their small comb and wattles. Furthermore, due to their Malay ancestry they are very rugged and excellent foragers. They have an easy-going demeanor and are not inclined to be flighty. The Buckeye is the ultimate combination of beautiful plumage, utility, and hardiness for the backyard flock.
Purpose: Dual-Purpose Production: 200 Medium Brown Eggs/Year
Temperament: Active, Gentle, Friendly, Vocal Mature Weight: 6-7 lbs.
Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy
Broodiness: Occasionally Comb
Type: Pea Comb

Saphire Gem

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Our Sapphire Gem™ will amaze you with its grey to light grey plumage. This Czech breed is an excellent egg layer and a great forager. It does well in hot and cold climates and is a breed very close to the Old Andalusians. Please note that grey to light grey plumage is referred to as blue or lavender feathering in the chicken industry.
Purpose: Egg Layer Production: 290 X-Large Brown Eggs/Year
Temperament: Docile, Easy to Care For
Mature Weight: 6-7 lbs.
Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy
Broodiness: Occasionally
Comb Type: Single Comb

Partridge Cochin

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The large fowl Cochin is an ancient breed originally from China. When they first arrived in the U.S., they were immensely popular and were used to develop many American breeds such as the Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red. Although originally prized as a meat bird, Cochins today are primarily bred for exhibition. They have a docile temperament and are very cold hardy thanks to their abundant, loose-fitting plumage. The hens are also well known for their broody instincts and mothering ability.

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