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The Berkshire is one of the oldest identifiable breeds of pig, which dates back some 300 years to the shire of Berks in England. Legend has it that Oliver Cromwell’s army discovered the breed while in winter quarters, and a welcome find that must have been! This black-coated hog with white areas on the face, legs and tail, is known for its juicy, tender, and flavorful meat which is heavily marbled with fat.


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While their transplant to the United States in 1830 solidified their name in the US, in England they are now called The English Large White pig.
Nowadays, Yorkshire pigs are found all over the United States with large populations in Illinois Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and Ohio
Unlike other popular breeds of pigs, Yorkshires have a slow growth rate, which negated their popularity.
However, their large production of back fat and contrasting lean meat have actually resulted in them being the most popular breed in the United States.